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Our Services

  • Indoor play centre for kids at shopping malls.
  • Parents leave your children with us. Enjoy your shopping.
  • Group bookings
  • Birthday booking
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Lots to do and by the time you get home all you need is to bath, feed them and they will go straight to bed on their own. ** Babies and toddlers welcome!

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Boys and Girls

Little boys and girls up to the age of 12 years are also welcome! Great, age appropriate and fun games await them. Let the games begin! No electric or TV games are used

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Bookings available till late at night.

Refunds policy: No refund once booking has been submitted or made. There is also no transfer of funds to any other Wiggly Toes services.

Our app is now available on Google Play for quick and easy booking, stay informed and track your visits 24/7

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To be known in the community and be the preferred care provider at shopping centres. We aim to expand to our service that we are providing at least all over Perth. No electronic games at all in the play centre.

VISION: We aim to provide Kids a safe , secure and enjoyable environment at shopping centres , at the same time giving parents and guardians a peaceful and relaxed shopping experience.

MISSION: Wiggly Toes is an indoor play centre located in shopping centres. It offers a safe playing environment for kids . This enables parents and guardians to focus on their shopping. We will create a fun environment that is profitable to all parties.



Socks required Remember to bring your socks! Socks $3.50 a pair if you forget your own socks
No socks, no play!

  • $10.00
  • per 1 hour
  •  $9    Online Booking - 1hr  
  • $15   Online Booking - 2hrs
  • $24   Online Booking - 3hrs
  • Book Now
  • $8.00
  • per entry for bulk entry purchase of 18 entries
  • Benefit from our 20% off when you buy an 18 visit pass valid for 3months (paid up front)
  • Suitable for multiple kids and regular creche users.
  • Book Now
  • From $150
  • Birthday party bookings.
  • $150   12 kids, 2hrs mid-week private booking: 4pm - 6pm, Monday - Thursday only!
  • $200   20 kids, 2hrs whole centre private booking
  • $300   20 kids, 3hrs whole centre private booking
  • Plain colour cups, plates, forks and serviettes provided. Bring your own food and drinks.
    » Free adults entry
    » More friends! Don't worry, each child pays $15.00

    Bookings and changes to bookings can be made over the phone or in person in-store.Your booking is not held until the $100 deposit is paid. This deposit is non-refundable.

  • Book Now
  • Having a party at home?
  • Hire our kids stools/chairs and tables
  • » Stools - $1.50 each
    » Stool cover - 50 cents each
    » Table height adjustable - $6.50
    » Kids chairs - $2 each
  • Delivery available
  • Book Now

Operating Hours

Our times and where to find us.

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Terms and Conditions

By accessing our website, portal and centres, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Agreement to abide by Terms and Conditions
    • I agree to abide by these terms and conditions and to ensure that all authorised persons who may attend the Wiggly Toes Indoor Play Centres on my behalf to drop-off or pick-up the child will also abide with these terms and conditions.
  2. Enrolment Form
    • I confirm that:
      i) I am the person with lawful authority and/or Parental responsibility of the child nominated on the Form and

      ii) the details provided on the Form for my child are all true and correct; and

      iii) I will immediately inform the Wiggly Toes Indoor Play Centres in the event of any change to this information.
    • I acknowledge Wiggly Toes IPC will inform me as soon as possible about the nature of the illness or injury to my child.
    • I acknowledge and agree that if I book a casual play for my child, a minimum of 48 hour notice is required in writing for cancelling such a booking. Failure to that, I will be liable to pay the full casual play fee for that booking regardless of my child's attendance.
    • I acknowledge that any proposed changes in booked days are subject to availability.
    • I acknowledge that booked days are unable to be swapped for another day of attendance.
    • I consent to first aid being administered to my child by any person who is the holder of a current first aid certificate.
  3. Mandatory Reporting Requirements
    • Wiggly Toes IPC has a responsibility to all children attending the education and care service and their right to care and protection. To support this right, the service will follow the procedures articulated in each state or territory's statutory legislation when dealing with any allegations of abuse or neglect of children.
    • This may include the reporting to the relevant state or territory body by any employee who is defined as a Mandatory Reporter under the state/territory legislation that the service operates in.
  4. Medical acknowledgements and consents
    • I accept that a decision made by Wiggly Toes IPC that my child is contagious or too ill to attend a centre is final and I agree to ensure my child is collected promptly after being informed of such a decision.
    • I understand that I am to provide current information (as required within enrolment form) in regards to any of my child's medical conditions, including allergies and sensitivities, to the centre on enrolment and continue to update this information with the centre.
    • I consent to my child being collected from or brought to the centre by any person listed in the authorised person' section of the enrolment form, even if I have not previously advised of such collection on any given day and agree to advise centre employees if my child is to be collected by any other person.
    • I acknowledge that Wiggly Toes IPC may require any person collecting my child to be introduced to the appropriate employees and provide photo identification prior to my child being released to them.
    • I acknowledge that Wiggly Toes IPC may refuse any person from collecting my child if the above information has not been provided or if the situation at the time of collection is deemed to place the child at risk.
    • I acknowledge and consent to Wiggly Toes IPC providing any information to any party which may be required to be provided under any law.
  5. Behaviour of Parents/Guardians
    • I agree to ensure that my child is left with a carer who is on duty when delivering the child to the centre.
    • I agree that I have a responsibility to treat all Wiggly Toes IPC team members with respect and I agree to behave appropriately at all times when dealing with any employee. Searing, raised voices and rudeness directed at team members will not be tolerated and I understand my child's enrolment may be terminated if I breach this provision.
    • I agree to comply with all instructions and procedures to record the attendance of my child.
  6. Attendance at a Centre
    • I delegate the custody and control of my child to Wiggly Toes IPC whilst Wiggly Toes IPC is caring for my child and agree to accept the employees and facilities that Wiggly Toes IPC provides to care for my child.
    • I acknowledge that, although Wiggly Toes IPC warrants that it will at all times and to the best of its ability use all reasonable care in respect of my child, there are inherent and unforeseeable dangers and difficulties in providing the services and Wiggly Toes IPC cannot guarantee the wellbeing of my child at all times.
    • I authorise Wiggly Toes IPC to take any action it considers necessary, appropriate or in the best interest of my child in the circumstances to protect my child at the centre or otherwise in its care or control.
  7. Privacy
    • I acknowledge that Wiggly Toes IPC may collect personal information relating to myself or my child in relation to provision of the services and for the purposes of invoicing.
    • I acknowledge that Wiggly Toes IPC has obligations arising under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including the Australian Privacy Principles, to protect the personal information of its clients and staff.
  8. Fees and charges
    • I agree to pay all childcare fees payable for my child.